Mass graves in Balochistan and duty of International Community

Posted on 2014-02-19 ( 1871 reads )
<a href=''>Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings: Systematic Genocide in Balochistan</a>

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by Shahzoor Baloch
In the contemporary age where world community is on its way to build more firm laws in regard of humanity and human rights, so that freedom of living, want and expression is given to the people of the globe which could guarantee a prosper and fearless world just to develop for the sake of mankind’s wellbeing. On contrary, there is a member of world community so called Pakistan who’s Army, paramilitary forces and death squad (under ISI umbrella) are rampant in kill and dump of Baloch youth and children in Balochistan.

Recent recovery of Mass grave of Baloch missing person has put a question mark before Pakistani claim that they are not involved in any kind of human right violation. It is with reference to the mass grave recovered in Tootak (Misri), an area contiguous with Khuzdar, where there is supreme hold Pakistan army and its hired death squads. More than a hundred of mutilated bodies were recovered from the mass graves. These all were the relatives of those families who are continuing one among the longest and peaceful foot-walk in the history of the world. Despite of claiming a vibrant media cell, Pakistani mass media is profoundly negligent to the issue which has had led Baloch nation in a kind of psychological dilemma, where they are leading a fearsome life.

The barbarity has reached its peak today that the state political wings pseudo-nationalists are trying their best to put curtain over this mega issue, this is from the fact that they are not allowing Baloch nation to conduct DNA tests of the recovered bodies. The total area is under supreme control of security personals who are not allowing any Baloch to visit the place because these security agencies are hiding their heinous crime against humanity. Meanwhile, Pakistani media and officials are not highlighting the issue due to which Baloch nation consider them as guilty for this crime.

On January 25, a shepherd found pieces of human bodies dispersed within the earth field. He took no time and went to deliver the message to the Levis force, when they dug up the field they found numerous graves in which human remains were buried in bulk. Soon the news rapidly reached to the Baloch nation and they left for the concerned area to identify these bodies but they were totally decomposed.

Officially it was announced that there were three graves found but one of security official of Levis force spoke on condition of anonymity said for they have found 56 unidentified graves, where hundreds of people were buried who were among missing persons, as three of them were identified as Qadir Bux s/o Muskan, Muhammad Naseer and Muhammad Umar, who were resident of Awaran Balochistan and picked up by paramilitary forces during Earthquake time. These mass graves are in area of Shafiq-ur-Rehman Mengal, who is running an organization under name of “Nifaz-e-Amn" which has close affiliation with ISI, this organisation claim to implement Pakistani version of Islam and work against ‘anti-state’ individuals. This is a similar the pattern witnessed in Bangladesh where Pakistani army had built organization like "Al shams" and "Al Badar" whose member was found guilty of raping and killing Bengali people, today the hired religious extremists groups of Pakistan are repeating the same in Balochistan.

Nasarullah Baloch the chairman of Voice of Baloch missing person(VBMP), Farzana Majeed sister Baloch student leader Zakir Majeed who was abducted from Mastung in 2009 and Mama Qadeer father of martyr Jalil Reki who was also abducted in broad day light from Quetta and later killed in-custody, and all other relatives of missing person who are participating in the long march toward Islamabad, are in stage of mental dilemma that might it be possible that these bodies recovered from mass grave, are of their relatives who are picked up by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Hundreds of protest were launched and recorded by Baloch nation for recovery of their beloved one but at last they regained the graves of their relatives.

World community less vigilant: United Nations defines a mass grave as a burial site which contains three or more victims of execution. In Chechnya, several mass graves were found during Chechen War 1994, at that time Amnesty International took prompt notice of it. During Bosnian war on 11 July 1995-13 July 1995, (8373), Bosnian men and boys were found buried-the world claimed it as "Srebrenica genocide". The Secretary General of UN described the mass murder as the worst crime on European soil since the Second World War.

In Bosnia there was a paramilitary unit named as "Scorpions" involved in massacre. In July 1995, UN protection force represented on the ground and did not prevent the towns capture by forces. But in 2014 where there is no world war and rival struggle but Pakistan is launching a "world war" on Baloch nation by dumping the Baloch missing persons in mass graves. The Frontier Corp in Balochistan are the ‘scorpions’ involved in abductions and mass killings of Baloch political activists.

Immediately after World War 2 United Nations has unanimously promised the world community that this organization would ensure humanity at any cost but today it seems like that UN has forgotten its promise because the world war scenario is being witnessed today on Baloch nation by Pakistan and Iran. Why the current Secretary General of UN is not calling it as genocide of Baloch by Pakistan. Has the UN charter become obsolete? Have the Amnesty International and its members have forgotten their duties? Where is NATO and why is it allowing countries like Pakistan that are an obvious threat to world peace? They all seems like that they are themselves indulge in such heinous crime by putting curtail before such barbarity.

Despite of all apprehensions Baloch nation still have hopes from the international organization and international laws. The Baloch have pinned their hopes to UN, Amnesty International, Human right Watch, NATO, EU, OIC and Arab League that they will one day raise their voice for Baloch wellbeing and their right to independence. It is high time for United Nations to take immediate notice of these mass graves, likewise it’s the responsibility of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to take notice of it and proclaim Balochistan as warlike zone.

Moreover, European Union should revisit its new trade agreement with Pakistan, because it's mentioned in the EU trade clauses that no nation shall be its trade partner if it is involved in human rights violations. The discovery of mass graves in Balochistan proves that Pakistan is involved in mega crime against humanity and Baloch genocide. Likewise, OIC and Arab league should take strict notice against Pakistan because they are themselves Muslim countries and they know well the cost for such criminal activities.

The UN and the international human rights organisations must pressure Pakistan to allow them to send a fact finding mission accompanied by independent experts to visit the site of mass graves in Balochistan. They must ask Pakistan to allow them to conduct DNA tests of the bodies found from these mass graves so that their identity can be ascertained and they can be returned to their families for a dignified burial.

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